Picture this workplace. A work environment with lots of busy chatter. Colleagues working collaboratively and interacting in a positive and energising way.

Or another approach. A quiet working atmosphere with both individual, joint working happening at different points during the day with a positive environment, good social interaction and an easy energy about the place where people are happy to come along to work or study.

In whatever way your workplace is set up you want the people who work together to work together! Across our work environments there will be a richness and wide variety of work and study situations and the most successful ones are those that foster good working relationships. Some people are at ease with the complex nature of work environments with their vibrant mix of work-related tasks and personal interaction but others, particularly those on the autism spectrum may not be.

Working Well With Autism wants to equip those people who do understand and thrive in their work environment to act as work buddies to those who don’t. By raising awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of a colleague with autism amongst his or her fellow workers, our training approach will ensure that the lessons learned from classroom and online training filter through and make a noticeable difference, on the shop floor, in the office, or at the tutorial.

We have also found that it’s not just people on the spectrum who may struggle with their work environment. There may be many other hidden reasons why people clash or misunderstand each other and the huge benefit of the Working Well With Autism person centred approach is that everyone benefits in terms of their own self-development.

The rewards of creating a collaborative and mutually respectful and supportive work environment are immense and we are ready to work with you to create that positive place of work or study.

Please contact us in the first instance to discuss your training needs and we are confident we can come up with a bespoke practical training solution to fit your requirement.